Welcome to the pages of our West highland white terrier breeder's station. It was founded in 1998. We are going to introduce our small dog family and you going to learn many interested things about so beautiful breed as Westi definitely are.

If you are just about to make a decision whether to buy a Westi or not, these pages are designed to help you in you choice and what is more maybe this is the time when we have puppies for sale.



So this is our first bitch - Elsa, the founder of our breeder´s station "ZE ZELENÉ OŘECHOVKY".

We brought her home in autumn 1995 as eleven-week hairy-eary-leggy puppy. Some years passed and Elsa grew up into a Westi lady successful at national shows as much as international.

Show achievements: excellent, CAC, 2x res. CAC (the Czech Republic), 3x CWC, The winner of the class, The best bitch of the race (Poland), The champion of Poland

CH. ELSA BÍLÝ ÚSMĚV show achievements

Elsa´s Certificate of Pedigree


Once you have a Westi it is often not just a single one in future, that's how it goes. Elsa matured and we were full of expectations cause she was about to have the first puppies. Everything went well and from the first youngs we keep the bitch ANNIE.

The dog ANDY ZE ZELENÉ OŘECHOVKY lives with my sister's family, and apart from the others show achievements he is Czech, Slovak and Polish champion and The champion of the Breeder's Association of sparse breeds.



And Annie too, has become a perfect mother. You can see her puppies on those pages.

Show achievements: Excellent, res. CAC

Annie's Certificate of Pedigree


In summer 2001, Elsa´s daughter joined our pack.


Nowadays she is a young lady, who has done her first steps in the national and international show rings.

Show achievements:  2x VN1, 42x Excellent, VTM, 3xCWC Poland, V1 CAC (SK) - FOTO, Res. CACIB, 4x Res CAC, Champion PL, CZ

Podrobné výstavní ocenění CH. DUCKI

Ducki´s Certificate of Pedigree



The last member of our dog family is CHAROSMACK COLD AS ICE, a dog imported in March 2002 from England, from Mrs. Roz Dunne´s kennel CHAROSMACK. The joint-owner is my sister and Ice lives with his friend Andy. His personal web pages are on adress:

Show achievements: Czech Champion, Czech Junior Champion, KfT Jugend Champion; Club junior champion KCHMPP; 2x VN1, 3x CAJC, 4x Jgd.CAC, 1x Res.Jgd.CAC, Jugendsieger Bayern 2003, Jugendsieger Berlin 2003, 2xBOB, 1x CACIB, 6x CAC, 8x Res.CAC, 2x CWC, 2x CACA, 2x Res. CACA, 3x VDH, 4x Res.VDH, 5x Res.CAC KfT, National winner Ostrava 04, National winner Mlada Boleslav 04..

ICE´s pedigree


A new female at home::


born: 06.08.2007

father: CH: Here I'am Vom Deipen Brook

mather: CH. Pamela Happy Naux

Show achievements: Czech Junior Champion, Junior Champion KCHT, IV. BIS junior, Club special winner, 3x CAJC, Klub junior winner, 5x CAC, CC, 3x Res. CAC

YAYA's Certificate of Pedigree